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Boral White

Standard Motifs

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  • Cut from high quality synthetic stock.
  • Hand weeded with application tape for easy application.
  • Supplied in an easy to apply 50 metre roll.

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Roll Quantity Price per roll
1 $182.00
2 $169.50
5 $157.40
10 $145.20
20 $133.10
40 $121.00
60 $115.50
100 $108.90

Product Features


Supplied in easy to use 50 metre rolls that represent exceptional value for money. Rolls can be cut and applied to any length quickly and cost effectively.


We offer 11 standard designs available in white and or silver finishes.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1 roll per type, however multiple types of the range can be ordered at the same time.


These items are available for next day shipping by our nominated courier.

Motif Industry Standards

Extract from AS 1288:2006 - 5.19: Making Glass Visible (Manifestation)

5.19.1 General: If the presence of glass in a door or side panel is not made apparent by stiles, rails, transoms, colonial bars, other components of the glazing system, or other decorative treatment, such as being opaque or patterned, the glass shall be marked to make it visible. Where the BCA requires access for people with disabilities, glazing in buildings shall be marked in accordance with AS 1428.1.

5.19.2 Panels other than doors and side panels: If a panel can be mistaken for a doorway or opening the glass shall be marked to make it visible.

5.19.3 Marking, where required, shall be in the form of an opaque band not less than 20mm in height and located so that the vertical distance from the floor level is-

  1. (a) not less than 700mm from the upper edge of the band; and
  2. (b) not more than 1200mm to the lower edge of the band. The band shall be readily apparent. This may be achieved either by ensuring that the band contrasts with the background or by increasing the height of the band. Making glass visible by marking is not a substitute for the use of safety glazing where it is a requirement of this Section.